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Uyuni is small City and endless Altiplano (Platou), surrounded by huge volcanoes, and the majestic SALAR DE UYUNI or UYUNI SALT LAKE.
you can cross the highest desert in the world (Elevation 4950 m), Hot Springs, Colorful Lagoons, Surrealist Landscapes, Rock Formations, Uyuni Salt Lake is a astounding, magical, white desert with 12.000 sq Km (Elevation 3660m), where we can find, Isolated Islands, Giant Cactus, Glaciar Deposits, Phiroclasthic Volcanoes, and FAUNA: like Vicuñas, Ostrich (Suri), Partrige, all three South American Flamingos species are present: Chilean Flamingos, James Flamingo is the smallest and rarest of the three species & Andean Flamingo is the largest. Lamas, Andean Ducks, Andean Gull, Andean Fox, Andean Cats, Vizcacha. FLORA: Yareta Plant, Thola, Popusa.


The Andes cover the Southwest of the Country. This consist of the Altiplano, which borders, the two Mountain Ranges. In the west, The Western Mountain Range which marks the border with Chile and is mainly volcanic, The Eastern Cordillera Real. The Altiplano its located between this two Cordilleras, it has fertile soil, around Titicaca lake area, and it the driest in the South. Where is located the famous SALAR DE UYUNI and COLOURFUL Lagoons.


Is located on the Southern Hemisphere, in Summer (December to March) Rainy season and in Winter ( May to September) it has the coldest weather, the night time low temperatures usually drop to -15 degrees celsius on the highest areas, but from December to March in thr night time tipically is 15-17 degrees celsius.


The bus service from la Paz to Uyuni arrives daily, the buses leave La Paz at 19:00 pm and arrive in Uyuni at 06:00 am ( 11 Hrs.). The road is half asphalt and half is gravel. Exist one turistic bus called Todo Turismo, it is leaving everyday from La Paz to uyuni at 21:00pm and arrive in Uyuni at 08:00 am E-mail: or There are fligths everiday from la Paz to Uyuni. For that contact AMAZONAS AIRLINES : The train comes from Oruro to Uyuni :

EXPRESO DEL SUR : TUESDAY - FRIDAY LEAVES AT 15:00 PM - ARRIVE 22:30 PM WARA WARA DEL SUR : WEDNESDAY - SUNDAY LEAVES AT 19.00 PM - ARRIVE 02:50 AM IT IS 8 HRS. WHAT TO TAKE WITH YOU.- Do not lose the immigration card given on entry, it is required at departure of the country to Chile.

• Wind breaker jackets • Flash ligth • Small backpack-for personal things • Sun cream, lipstick • Altitud pills • Sun glasses • Warm clothes • Sleeping bags • Mineral water

Cash, money, dollars or bolivianos. Some times the ATMs are not working, and the banks are close, you can exchange dollars in bolivianos easily in the Money Exchange Bureau. It is open everyday and exist around 6 stores.