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Travels to Uyuni Salt Lake and Colourfull Lagoons

Hodaka Mountain Expedition is a Tour Operator located in Uyuni - Bolivia

We are especialist in Uyuni salt Lake expeditions and Potosi's Southwest. We invite you to enjoy the Bolivia's Highlands Landescape, where you can apreciete:

The Bigest Salt Deposit in the world (12,000 Km2), the Giant Cactus, Salt Cristals, Semiactive Volcanos, Colourful Lagoons, Deserts, Glaciar Lakes, Gueysers, Hot Springs, Piroplastic Volcanos, Rocks Formations, Glaciar Deposits. ANDEAN FAUNA: Vicuña, Lamas, Andean Fox, Flamingos (Jamesi, Chilean, Andean), Andean Ostrich, Andean Partridge, Vizcachas, Andean Goose, Andean Ducks, and FLORA: Giants Cactus, Keñua, Yareta, Tola, Popusa, Straw.